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Michael F. Eubanks

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  1. Jaxson Reilly Anderson on September 23, 2020 at 11:48 am

    i never got to see much of my great uncle mike but i do know this while i’ve never spent much time with him and although i never really got to know him i still have love and compassion for him because even though hes only saw me once in the previous 3 years i still believe hes alive in heart and spirit i know he’ll be watching over my grandfather ed lee eubanks a few years after my grandfather ed passes away i will soon be on my way to see those pearly gates and upon judement i will hear his voice once again reciting everything he taught me….and we will shoot blackbirds once again

    p.s. once the last breath is breathed and the last glimpse of your family is going across your eyes thy lord shall take thee into the heavens and we shall praise glory hallelujah hallelujah as a lamb is added to the flock of the lion….

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